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Welcome to the Alabama State Referee Committee website. This website was created to keep Alabama registered United States Soccer Federation (USSF) referees and anyone within the state interested in becoming USSF registered soccer referee informed about the activities and opportunities made available by your Alabama State Referee Committee.

Interested in becoming a soccer referee, click on Become a Referee for more information

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For the 2015 registration year all National Candidates and National Officials will be selected directly by the U.S. Soccer Referee Selection Panel. National Candidates, tracked as Referees and Assistant Referees, will be designated as Grade 5 National Candidates for 2015. National Officials, also tracked as Referees and Assistant Referees, will be designated as Grade 4 National Officials for 2015.

The 2015 selection and certification process will be processed in two phases, beginning with the administrative requirements. The window for completing the administrative requirements will open on Sept. 1 and close on Nov. 30. The National Candidate and National Official 2015 Certification Instructions document contains detailed steps that an official will need to complete.

If you are planning to apply to be a Grade 5 National Candidate or Grade 4 National Official for 2015, please carefully review this document. Any questions regarding the registration process in Salesforce can be directed to Rachel Lawrence. Other questions regarding the National Candidate and National Official 2015 Certification can be directed to Katie Bosley.


Congratulations to Rachel Barron and Austin Holt for being selected Alabama's Female and Male Youth Referee of the year. You can read more in our Spring edition of our newsletter

MLS Assistant Referee Paul Scott With Bill at State Referee Clinic (Jan 11, 2014)

Referee Guidelines

There appears to be some confusion in the use of “Club Linesman” when officiating sanctioned matches in Alabama.

1. Club Linesmen are authorized to be used if a Neutral Assistant Referee is unable to be assigned.

2.  By footnote, the Club Linesmen is limited to calling in and out of bounds.  However, this is the only official on the field with that limitation.

3.  Both the Referee and the other Assistant Referee must assume all of the duties and responsibilities assigned by the Laws of the Game in Laws 5 and 6.

4.  We must not make it a practice to limit the responsibilities of the Neutral Assistant Referee.  Both teams will receive the advantage of the Neutral Assistant Referee (or the converse with the Club Linesmen) for half of the match which is deemed fair and equitable by USSF. (Full Text here)

AYSA Rule 3:03:06 Conditions of Grounds and Weather-Related Cancellation
1. The home club will be responsible for the condition of the grounds, the proper field markings,
and proper equipment. Nets and approved corner flags are required;
No Corner Flags No game (Note: Bicycle flags are OK for AYSA games)


This is for D1 State League teams that are U15 & older:  If a player is substituted in the first half of play, that player cannot re-enter the game again in the first half.  However, that player can play in the second half.  If a player is substituted in the second half, then that player may not re-enter the match again.

In other words, NO re-entry in the 1st half AND no re-entry in the second half.  But, any player that was substituted in the 1st half CAN play in the second half.

A player that is substituted for in the second half can no longer participate in the remainder of the game.

There are NO substitution or re-entry limitations for  U13 & U14 D1 teams.  These teams have unlimited subs.

There are NO substitution or re-entry limitations for D2 teams.  This league (all teams) have unlimited subs.


Recertification clinics have been scheduled and registration for 2015 season has begun. You will have until June 2015 to recertify for 2015. Referees that attend a recertification clinic between 1/1/15 and 6/30/15 must pay a $25 late fee at the clinic.  If you bring a check, please make checks payable to SYRA. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT RE-CERTIFY BEFORE JUNE 2015 YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OFFICIATE FOR THE ENTIRE CALENDAR YEAR OF 2015.


The Alabama Soccer Association requires a Background Check on ALL referees 18 years and older. The background check is good for a 2 year period. The fee is included in your yearly dues, so you do not pay when you do the background check. We only want referees to complete the background check every other year. More information can be found on the Referees page

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